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About Parise's 

In 2003, Michael Parise was an executive chef and partner at the renowned restaurant Tangerine on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, CA. His culinary excellence was recognized that same year when he was inducted into the Great Chefs of LA at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. It was no surprise that Hollywood's elite and the who's who of society were regular customers, including the legendary Michael Jackson. In fact, Chef Parise was requested to cater a party at Neverland Ranch, the first and last party ever catered at the ranch.

The Parise family's incredible journey began in 2004 when Michael and Sherilene married and had a child on the way. As a touring comedian, Michael knew that his profession wouldn't be enough to support a newborn. During a show at a Miami Beach club, he had a serendipitous moment of inspiration and decided to start a mail-order cannoli business to cater to the Hollywood industry. With Sherilene's help, the couple started Cannoli Kings Catering in a one-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. Thanks to their determination, hard work, and strategic marketing, they managed to transform Cannoli Kings into a successful catering company, eventually operating out of a 5,000-square-foot commercial kitchen.

In 2006, Cannoli Kings was named Best Catering Company in Los Angeles. Their services were in high demand for anyone who wanted to throw the best parties in town. Michael was present at every event, eventually becoming a beloved figure in the community. In 2008, Michael and Sherilene opened a farm-to-table restaurant in Chimney Rock, NC, called Parise's New American Bistro. It quickly gained recognition and was soon honored as the best fine dining establishment in Western North Carolina.

Today, the Parise family is based in South West Florida, returning to their roots with their signature cannoli and artisan treats, accompanied by small batch roast coffee and incomparable service. They look forward to providing you with the best cannoli you have ever tasted.


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